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  • Domains and web hosting: dating sites dismal financials


    Dating sites a hit with public, millions find their date

    This valentines, it’s so much more easier to find a date of your dreams, yet the services bringing people together is having a tough time earning their bread. Thousands of dating services and websites offer genuine contacts and real results to tens of millions of people worldwide for a match or just for an affair. […]

  • Online jobs to make some real money


    Online Jobs that make real money

    Our recommended Online Jobs can transform your life & give you freedom to work from anywhere. The best Online Jobs not only offer you decent money to replace or add to your salary income but gets you the life work balance you are always looking for. Never ever pay for any Online job, that is […]

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    How to make money online

    How to make money online without breaking a sweat? What you love to do can be made into a source of income. Learn How to make money online easily. We bring you well researched and solid “make money online” ideas. The best part is that you do not pay anything for any of them. Remember […]

  • Starting a business, challenges and opportunities, risks involved


    Starting a Business, How to launch a startup

    Starting a business is what we talk about In this issue. Successfully start a business without getting into possible risky situations is important. Preparation is the key to avoiding risks and setup a new business that not only gathers the initial momentum but runs profitably. If you are a business graduate, you may want to […]

  • online business


    Online Business

    Online business ideas and things you must know. It’s easy to start an online business today yet it’s quite a challenge to make it a success. We take you though one of the best online business ideas trending today. Do remember that you need to analyze your strengths and improvement areas before you leap into […]

  • Reasons why you need a domain name, need for business and individuals to have a website


    Why do you need a domain name

    While many businesses today have come online with a new domain registration and website hosting, some businesses and individuals still have the question “I need a domain name?”..really?. Simply put, a Domain with a hosted website not only gives you online presence which most of your clients expect, but increases your credibility and provides at […]

  • domain registration, how to choose the right domain name


    How to choose a Good Domain Name

    See How you can choose a great domain name while considering factors you may not have thought about. It’s not just the name, but how it impacts your business or brand and how your domain name has more technicality than you thought. Yes it’s simple, yet some factors can make or break it for you. […]

  • how to buy a domain name


    How to buy a domain name

    How to buy a domain name while being laser focused on the objectives at hand. Do not fall for a domain just because you’re enticed to buy it for just it’s name or earning potential. Measure your domain name needs and see the domain name will fit the bill and if and when hosted, will […]

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