How to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name while being laser focused on the objectives at hand. Do not fall for a domain just because you’re enticed to buy it for just it’s name or earning potential. Measure your domain name needs and see the domain name will fit the bill and if and when hosted, will it serve the purpose at hand. Millions of domains are never hosted, simply because they were not meant to be registered in the first place. Learn why!

how to buy a domain name

  1. Domain name buying need

    Before knowing how to register or buy a domain name, you need to know what your requirements are. For example, a domain name can be registered under website and SEO but your business is related to pet supplies. It makes little sense to register domains and host them on servers requiring regular maintenance (read bills) with little interest from the domain owner (You!). Getting a domain name involves registering the domain with an organisation called ICANN through a domain name registrar like godaddy.

    Analyze the need for Domain name, find the best name related to your real or online business and take the dip. Host it on fast servers to generate good user experience.

  2. Plan to host the domain before buying it

    Before you buy a domain name, ask yourself if you plan to host it on a web server. Hosting a website is not only a financial commitment but work commitment as well. Your newly hosted website will require content creation and not just a shiny new wordpress/vps/dedicated/shared hosting server.

    If you contemplate on a domain name before purchasing and feel you may never host it, don’t bother buying it, unless you are 100% sure of it reselling it at a higher price (and if reselling domains is your business).

  3. Search for a domain name

    Although it’s a mamoth task to think of a good domain name at times, as most good short domain names are already taken and hosted. You may host your own brand name if it’s unique enough or invent a small word named after your business and register/buy that website name.

  4. Choose your domain TLD

    Choosing your domain TLD is perhaps the next most important task. A .com is an excellent idea and so are .org and .co for some. For other domains with plural and ranged names, .xyz may be a great idea. For example: examples.xyz can cater to a lot of examples in almost any subject area. Hence choose your domain name and it’s gTLD wisely.

  5. Choose the domain registration length

    Make your mind on how serious you are about your website domain. You could go up to 10 years domain registration purchases but that would be a waste if you are just experimenting. You can pick 1 year if you want to try your hands on a domain and host it on a cheap server. Later you could upgrade your domain and hosting when things start looking north. Godaddy and other providers offer less than a dollar sales for 1-2 year of registration cost at most of the times.

  6. Choose a domain hosting server type

    For Business domains and websites, there will never be more than a couple of 100 visitors a day. VPN and dedicated servers or high end CMS/wordpress hosting is useless for such tasks. You can pick shared hosting from godaddy, bluehost, dreamhost and many others depending upon your choice.

    You could always upgrade your hosting servers when you start getting more traffic. This way you will not loose a lot of money on excessive hosting packages.

  7. DIY or managed hosting

    Most hosts would give you fully managed hosting services like wordpress hosting with backup and restore, maintenance and downtime troubleshooting service included in the package. It’s for you to pick. While managed hosting gives you peace of mind, non-managed hosting will give you power and control (not so much in shared hosting though).

  8. Pay and getting started

    After you have accomplished the tasks above, choose to pay and get started.¬†You will need either a credit card or a PayPal account to pay for the domain, this will book your site instantly. A lot of extra services will be offered to you but you can start and leave those for later if you feel the need. Things like premium DNS, professional email and other services are something you need to decide on but it’s never a rush.

  9. Technical bits on domain purchase and hosting

    There are a few technical things you need to be aware about. First you need to know that if your domain registrar and server host are different companies then you would require to point your domain to your server ip before your website can be made functional. To do this, get the ip from hosting panel and go to the domain registrar, domain management or DNS page and change the A record to the new IP address you just copied. After saving it takes some time (upto 1 hour sometimes) before you can use your hosted website. For more technical stuff in detail, you can browse our Troubleshooting section.

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