How to choose a Good Domain Name

See How you can choose a great domain name while considering factors you may not have thought about. It’s not just the name, but how it impacts your business or brand and how your domain name has more technicality than you thought. Yes it’s simple, yet some factors can make or break it for you. So it’s not just Domain hosting that needs your evaluation but domain name as much or even more. Consider the following while Choosing a great, not just a good domain name.

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  1. Domain name as website

    Yes, website is more than just a domain name. It’s the subject of the website that makes it what it is, along with it’s content. Your domain name should be relevant to the website you are hosting. So for example, a website on horses sounds better as “100horses.xyz” than “myfiles.com”

    Choose a domain name that’s best for your business, brand or the subject of content on the website. It not only makes things smooth with SEO but gets a lot of recall value.

  2. Choose a domain name based on your business

    If you are looking for a website for your business then it’s best to choose a name related to your business. for example Simple flower stores can go with “simpleflorals.com” or something similar. The recall value for local businesses is irreplaceable when it comes to customer confidence and loyalty. Keep the name simple even if it means dropping a few words off the domain name (true for businesses with long names) You may choose website hosting for small businesses like shared hosting if your business is not online oriented or you expect low traffic. Classic examples are brick and mortar business that need a website for representation and informational purposes.

  3. Choose generic or brand name

    You can make a choice here between being generic or going with your brand while naming your website domain. A website on trampolines can be 123trampolines.com or it can be mybrand.com if for examples that’s your brand selling trampolines. Websites with generic names are beneficial where you need natural traffic flow from search engines to drive your business whereas a brand based domain name is good for brands that need websites for representing and catalogue/store purposes.

    If you sell online and need both the advantages of website domain traffic flow and brand recall, you can buy both. The generic name domain can be used to create landing and marketing web pages whereas the brand named website domain can be used as the main portal. For high traffic, remember to go for business or managed hosting plans.

  4. Long or short domain registration

    Although we have always advocated short domain name registrations for our clients, it may be advantageous in certain cases to register a long domain name. Such cases are businesses with specific products or online bloggers with specific niche subjects. Such domain name registrations can benefit by drawing long keyword traffic and get laser targeted audience.

    You should register your domain based on your need whether long or short, depending upon what you want to achieve and the clients you wish to engage with.

  5. Plural or hyphen domain registration

    Perhaps you will find your favorite domain names already registered by someone else. On those occasions you will be tempted to go for hyphen versions or plurals. For example mystory.com may be registered already and you are offered mystories.com or my-story.com in stead. Do remember that your visitors my instead visit mystories.com due to the confusion in recalling the domain name.

    We recommend you go with non hyphen versions and for plurals, some may actually hold benefit above the singular domain, like stories.com instead of story.com. So keep in mind the words and which works best in either singular or plural website names.

  6. Domain name plagiarism

    Domains misspelled from your competition, common brand misspellings etc. are really not worth bothering. One you would register these domains, they would never be used because of no real worth (that’s what domain data says). This is due to several factors. You cannot get real visitors because they will never be ranked, even for the misspelled term unless very high on domain trust flow or authority. Google and other search engines would suggest the corrected version of the misspelling anyhow. For example ebaa will be suggested as ebay automatically and ebaa.com has no chance of showing up. Also the game of misspelled domain names registration and brand misrepresentations is nothing more than fools gold (let’s not even argue about misspelled direct traffic). Only ammeters and newbies fall for this junk only to loose their money, to the advantage of registrars, who happily register such domains and make a quick buck.

  7. Domain variations

    Of course while registering your domain name, you will be offered the common misspelled versions. Go for them if your brand has a goodwill and is often misspelled, otherwise just save your money. Different TLDs will also be offered, we would recommend you to pick the gTLDs or just the .com/.org/.net/.biz/.co with your country specific TLD and nothing more. You can even do without them if your domain is more of generic name and not your brand name.

    We recommend you steer clear of the hoard of new extensions, unless you find the domain TLD attractive itself, like alphabet found the abc.xyz.

  8. TLD domain registrations

    Now comes the question of if you should choose the .com, .org, .net, .co, .xyz and so on and so forth while picking your domain extension. Register a .com as a first priority for any website domain name. If it’s taken go for .org or .co or even a .xyz if the name suits it and if it has the recall value.

    Again there is no need to hoard on additional domain extension registrations unless you know what you are doing or you have a lot of money to throw away. Millions of domains lie not-hosted and unused due to the fact that there is no real utility or value but just human psychology of hoarding on thinking it will rise in value and sell for more someday.

So go on and register your favorite domain name. Do remember that you need to have a clear approach and a plan as to how you will develop it into a worthy website and not throw it in a bin. There is enough spam on the web already, make your mark with a good hosting package, regular content creation and a great user experience, rest will follow automatically.

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