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Online Business ideas and food for thought before you jump in!

Online business ideas and things you must know. It’s easy to start an online business today yet it’s quite a challenge to make it a success. We take you though one of the best online business ideas trending today. Do remember that you need to analyze your strengths and improvement areas before you leap into any.

Online business ideas

Before starting, you need to make sure that you analyze the pros and cons of each idea and if you are up to it. Take into consideration what you can put in and if you can overcome the challenges of the trade. You could start at no cost but it’s always a good idea to start will couple of hundred bucks by keeping your own website and some marketing for most.

online business
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  1. SEO online business

    Every webmaster is looking for ways to promote their websites and make them appear higher in search results. Search engine optimization or SEO is one business which is both in demand and in supply. It takes some reading, experience with websites and marketing skills apart from real SEO skills to succeed in this field. Nothing that you cannot teach yourself. persistence is the key for this online business. What you need is a website with products and features, mailing lists which of course can be solutioned by using valid lead purchases of self generated user base. You would need to spend time with your site building, promoting and getting your readers to trust you before they can turn into clients.

    Important thing to know is that honesty is the key to establish a great business. Getting customers to trust you is more important than anything else. Even if you are mediocre in your work, back it up with better pricing and refund policies for people who are not happy. This will get a long way in building your reputation and future business.

  2. Social media consulting business

    Social media is everywhere, now that’s an old fashioned statement. It’s a given that social media has become more of a need than a fancy fad. Businesses, individuals and even govt. or non profit organizations need social media more than ever. It’s their new age PR tool. A business to help these organizations to reach out to people through social media is high in demand.

    If you are a social pro or understand the basics of social trends, this may be the train for you. Online business like this one is profitable and rewarding if you can settle down well with the art of social promotion.

  3. Web design and apps

    Perhaps the most in demand “online business” is for apps. Every company wants an app to reach out to mobile customers. Why? because unlike websites, apps can push notifications, offers and drive traffic and sales whenever the publisher wants. Remember the notifications that annoy you on your phone? Making websites and apps is more in demand than ever before.

    You will need some coding skills with apps however with websites, platforms like drupal and other cms systems can take the headache away. It’s easier to build websites now. Businesses often need 5-6 pages and it is a walk in the park for someone who has spent sometime learning the art (no coding required)

  4. Resume writing

    Perhaps the easiest of the bunch for good writers with a business sense. You will be amazed how the resume writing online business has turned up in the last decade. More people are having their resumes written professionally than ever.

    An eye for detail, business sense, object oriented and clear writing skills can land you in the world of fortune of resume writing service. You could partner with existing job sites or create your own website for resume writing and advertise your services at the right places.

  5. Coding online business

    A coder? well you already have the key to the riches if you invest wisely in this online business. Offer your services online to potential clients through your own site, freelance sites like fiverr etc. As a coding online business owner, you should invest in learning new skills all the time alongside work as that is the key to success in that line of business.

  6. Assistant and automation jobs

    People are always looking to get the bulk of their repetitive odd tasks of their backs. Personal assistant and automation jobs are the most outsourced jobs in the market. You can find clients on freelance websites as well as offer them off your own portal or apps. Building reputation is all about getting work done accurately and on time. This will bring them back for more and they will recommend you to others. We recommend more such online jobs here

  7. Affiliate marketing

    If you can write reviews, previews, walk through or just run unbiased comparisons between products, services or even write about intangible subjects in your expert or knowledge area, Affiliate marketing may be for you.

    You can use your website to write, you could even use a free blog. You may also take help of email marketing alongside. Best affiliate marketing is done in a niche area, providing readers with useful information and resources along with an affiliate link to recommend products or services related to the subject at hand.

  8. Sell real stuff online

    If you are the kind who believes in selling real products in the real world you could try selling things online. You will need to invest in stocks, a marketing plan (research into what sells, at what price and how much it sells) and would need to complete business startup formalities like govt. paperwork, tax ids and other business or company formation processes.

    Remember that there is gestation involved in this activity, you hold in stock at hand, stock in transit and stock that is paid for by customers. Stock in refund and damages along with held up payments take up considerable working capital. So having a little more working capital than traditional business is kind of a requirement. You could sell online on Amazon and other market places.

  9. Coaching online business

    There are billions of students graduating, schooling and self studying at any given time around the world. Many of them are looking for someone who can hand hold them. Starting your own virtual coaching classes for your subject of expertise can not just get you the income but polish your own skills in the subject.

    This online business is most suited to teachers and experts of their areas. Presentation skills are quite important. Setting up your workplace and backgrounds with proper audio video equipment will lend a professional touch. Keep in mind that focusing on the requirements of your students and supporting them in their learning process all the way is they key to success by way of recommendations.

  10. Business Coach and mentor

    Perhaps what this article is all about: The Business of business coaching and mentorship. If you can show people how to succeed, it can be a business in itself. I have started this site to help people find their own footing after I successfully established a few businesses of my own. Now that I am completely satisfied with being on my own, I wish the same for my readers.

    If you possess the experience and knowledge, it’s a service to aspirants looking to be on their own two feet. You may or may not charge them a fees (in which case you find sponsors) but this business is sure to be satisfying emotionally. You can use platform like LinkedIn to write articles besides your own blog.

  11. Remote tech support

    Techie or ex-tier 1/2/3 employee? Best thing you could possibly do it start with your own tech support line. Companies charge their customers $50-$400 average for their support incidents not covered under warranty. You could scope these customers out at a lower fees with personalized support experience. Companies like iYogi and others have made big starting from small support groups.

  12. Blogging online business

    Blog on anything, yes anything, but it has to be with passion and interest. Get the right facts, write objectively and write from a unique personal angle. Stick to the niche or area of expertise and be consistent with it. Once your blog find it’s root, you can monetize it with affiliate of ad network. The larger the audience, the more you make. Plus, people get good convent in return. You could use your own site or a free blog platform.

  13. Holiday planner

    If you have interest in travel and tours, you could jump into the holiday planning and booking business. You could even have a forum or blog for travelers. You can stock up travel gear, arrange hotels and holiday packages with the help of travel portals. You can use widgets, APIs or simple on the phone bookings for a personal touch.

  14. Logo and graphics design

    Artists and illustrators can pick logo and graphic design business. 99designs holds design contests and allows you to find clients for your work. It’s competitive work bidding but a good start nevertheless. Stock photos is another great idea for high volume work like patterns, backgrounds and travel photos. Once you gain your own clients base, you can do all the design work through your own portal as well.

  15. Content creation

    Creating content is high in demand. There are lot of people looking to get articles written, videos made, photo albums created and so forth. This online business is full of potential and high income. If you are good at typing and good in writing in any language, this job can be for you.

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