Online Jobs that make real money

Online jobs that help you make real passive or regular income out of nothing

Our recommended Online Jobs can transform your life & give you freedom to work from anywhere. The best Online Jobs not only offer you decent money to replace or add to your salary income but gets you the life work balance you are always looking for. Never ever pay for any Online job, that is the golden rule you should follow. Not even a penny. Follow us for latest updates, as relevance of the jobs keep changing.

Top 20 Online Jobs from Home

You will find 20 Online Jobs that have been well researched and proven to give people at-least a good basic income. You can operate from home or your current work place. Which ever you pick, make sure you put in all your focus and conviction the work required. Internet work is not something that rains money for free. We move towards and beyond Domain registration and hosting in the article.

Online jobs to make some real money
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  1. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is one online job that gets you set-up pretty quickly. However in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, you will need to use marketing skills. You can target stores which sell software and services to promoting products from market places like Amazon, flipkart (click to open an account) and others. For example, promoting software usually gets you good commission. The more the margin on the product, more the commission.

    In an Affiliate model, you sign up for the program with your details, then create links from the affiliate management pages from the provider. These links and referral codes tell the seller that you have sent the customer. When they makes a purchase, your commission starts adding up. You can use your blog or website to place widgets, banners, links and direct product ads. You can also email your contacts with information and links to your recommended products. You can also post your social media followers the same. This online job surely is exciting if you know how to make recommendations.

    Today you cannot just make plain pitches to your readers or followers. The best strategies involve providing useful content and then make relevant recommendations to clients. For example if you blog about books, review a book and include a referral link to amazon for that book. Top referrals of a top online American store were found earning around $50,000 for this online job per month. Now that is some serious online job.

  2. Data entry Online Jobs

    Probably the surest Online Job you can get into. But do watch out for fraudulent offers. Never pay money for any Online Job ever. If someone promises you data entry work from home but asks for money before starting? Ignore or best, report them. They are frauds. No body asks for money if they seriously want to hire someone for data work. You may have heard about various frauds so watch out and be safe. Don’t give anyone your bank or other details either, most companies pay via paypal. There are also various offers where they get the work done but don’t pay up. So due diligence is the key

    Check with the company before you sign up. You can search for fraud and the company name in google to check if it’s an ongoing scam. Online jobs market has been tarnished by such operators. You should be watchful. also check what they are asking for you to do.

  3. Survey filling Online Jobs

    Surveys are also a major Online Job market. Probably the easiest way to make money online without any skills. Here you will be asked to fill online surveys. Sharing your opinion on different products and services are important to such companies. They do this to boost sales on the basis of recommendations by people like you and me.

    You can sign up easily for online survey jobs. Be careful here too, there are fakes here as well. You will get email or online surveys which you need to complete. You need to register with your email and paypal/payoneer id etc. Only handful of companies are genuinely offering this work, so please make sure you do your research.

  4. Blogging and Adsense

    If you plan to start a blog or own a blog already, this online job if for you. You can place google ads after opening an adsense account here. This is not easily done. To get approved you need good traffic and a legitimate and complaint blog. You can also get another ad network like yahoo, infolinks, clicksor etc. In order to make money, your blog should have good number of visitors. For this to be possible, your content has to be interesting, useful and written for the reader.

    It’s best to start a blog (if you don’t already) on a subject you have in depth knowledge about. Something you love to write on. This will keep you interested and benefit your readers. It will also ensure your blog gets good traffic as a result. Ads earn you either per click or per mile (1000 impressions). They are called CPM or CPC models and you can research more about that in google.

  5. Buy sell Domains online

    This online Job has one of the best margins in the industry. You can buy good domains (high authority, page rank etc) from expired domains auction. You can also register new and catchy domains with good names. After holding and ageing the domain for sometime or hosting it with some great content, you can sell it through auctions like godaddy or flippa.

    Good domains sell for a premium when auctioned. You can expect to earn many times over your investments. However remember that what sounds good to you may not have that great a market value. For example “indicar.com” may sound good for you, but it may not be as good as “icar.com”. Also a domain with “stupidsoundingname.com” and high PR like 60 can sell for a very high price if genuine authority is what it commands. You should research on domains and SEO before you step into this online job area.

  6. Youtube Videos and Ads

    Just like blogs or websites, you can start a youtube channel. This is one of the best online job for video enthusiasts today. You can then sign up for google ads for video. Once approved, your videos when viewed, will generate cash for you. More the views, more the cash. Some videos can go up to millions of views when they go viral. Make your videos interesting. Pick a category for which you want to make videos and then give it your best. You can make review videos, tutorials, funny, social experiments or anything funny or useful. Copying others videos or using copyright content can get you in trouble. Stay away from such practices.

  7. Captcha solving Online Jobs

    Captcha solving online jobs are for people looking at a stable income. Companies need millions of new users and they must complete a captcha challenge. This makes spam filtering possible which is quite important for any online company. When you become a Captcha solver, you need to enter characters generated in the images accurately. This online job is in huge demand and you can make $1 to $2 per 1000 solves. So you can earn $200-$400 per month with ease.

  8. Selling stock photos

    Wonder where the nice model shots on all the website come from? This is because a lot of people take an Online job related to stock photos. If you can take photos (even mobile uploads are accepted on Dreamstime), draw illustrations, make icons or photoshop artwork, sign up with Dreamstime. We recommend them because of they excellent growth and community. Exclusive contributors earn high percentage of sales amount and you get paid via paypal or check. you may also sign up with shutterstock, istock or other agencies. Depending on your portfolio size and image quality/effectiveness you can make anything from $100-$2000 PM in short to medium term. The more you upload, more your success.

    Stock Photography

  9. Freelance internet work

    Freelance websites like freelancer etc. offer online jobs to millions of people who want to make some extra money. Do accounts, become a PA, offer help to someone translating, build websites, program code etc. There is a job for every skill in the freelance market. You slowly gain reputation after completing various jobs. As a result, good reputation gets more jobs. You can realistically make anything from $100 to $3000 per month being a freelancer.

  10. Selling online on marketplaces

    Ok, So this is not really a complete online job but involves offline activities to a major extent. You can start selling your products on Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal and other marketplaces. You will need real products and need to register with tax authorities. GST/TIN/VAT number is required for India. Handicraft items are exempt from this requirements and so are unstiched cloth articles. You can easily train on the market place panels and list your products. You will need to keep stock of the products you wish to sell. Once orders land, you will print the labels and manifests and courier will pick the products from you at day end. You can make anything from 20,00 to 2 Lakh in short to medium term for medium investment.

  11. Personal assistant online job

    This online job involves doing assistance work to a working professional. If you have a specialized diploma on office secretary tasks or any other professional tasks, you can become a specialized Personal assistant. There are various websites that allow one to contract for a PA. You can earn from 20-40K INR depending upon the skill and work requirements.

  12. Online Micro Jobs

    Micro or small tasks require a few seconds to complete. This is one of the easiest internet work. There are a lot of sites that offer Micro jobs. You can earn a few cents to a dollar for each task. The tasks exampled for you: Sharing a page, searching on google, writing a testimonial, clicking a few links, Product rating, filling small forms etc. Working for a few hours a day, you can make around $300-500 a month.

  13. Read Ads

    You can signup to view and read ads via phone, sms, computer or laptop.Many websites have cropped up offering good payment for this simple online job. Be aware there have been a lot of frauds recently in this area. Do not pay any deposits for these internet jobs ever. All the companies asking for a deposit are fraud. Genuine jobs in this area do not require you to deposit anything. You can earn anything from $100 to $1000 reading and viewing ads. Ensure that this is ethical. Most models out there are there to exhaust the advertiser’s money so better research well.

  14. Review apps and sites online work

    This Online work involves reviewing apps and websites. Developers of these software require their sites and apps to be tested and reviewed and you can get good income with this work. Platforms like usertesting.com are a unique and new way of making good money. It’s a platform that pays people to review all kinds of websites. Each review takes around 20 minutes and bags you $10 via Paypal.

  15. Publish your own kindle eBook

    If you can write a book then it’s a great way to spend your creative talents. These kind of online jobs involves writing a well composed book on a subject you have knowledge about. Today there is no dire need to hunt for publishers who will print your book and invest in your idea. You can go all digital by publishing your own kidle e-book which will be sold on kidle store for amazon customers. Amazon has a large kidle userbase and if your book is good enough, it can be a hit and earn you lots of cash.


  16. Fiverr gig internet work

    Fiverr is a market place where online job seekers post their available skills and tasks they can do. $5 tasks are common, writing articles, making videos, coding, logo and design etc. are all available to buy for Fiverr’s clients. You can sell your gigs and easily make $200-2000 depending upon your skills, tasks and how you have performed with previous projects. Click here for Fiverr.

  17. Show business online jobs

    It’s now an online job that was totally unthinkable few years ago, if you have a band or skills with show business then this one is for you. No need to hunt for show organizers or sponsors or spend hundreds of thousands on making portfolio. Just make your music video or art display video and upload it to youtube on your own channel. Get paid with ads and you may be in demand by sponsors/producers/directors without moving a finger.

  18. Get paid for searching the web

    Websites like qmee.com offer online jobs for searching and shopping online. You can use your spare time to search the web and this can be a small part time income for you. you could replace your search engine with any search paymaster site. This will give you some cash just for searching the web.

  19. 3d modeling and selling online

    There is an old but reliable online jobs for 3d modelers. If you have a collection of models or even starting out, you can put your models for sale on turbosquid or sites like that. Price your models reasonably. That is the key to sales. If you price your models too high they wont sell. Do market research on reasonable pricing and what’s selling hot. Make those models that sell well to start with. This should give you confidence to continue working towards a goal of $500-5000 income over the long term.

  20. Online Trading

    We are sure you have heard about online trading business. You would need to put in some cash in your bank for this. There are many platform like sharekhan, kotak, axis bank, and many banks in country of your residence that deal in share trading. You could head to yahoo finance to learn the basics before you start to experiment. You can also pick metal exchange, commodities exchange and other forms of trading.

More useful resources for you: We also have an article for you about 20 ways to earn money online Youhttp://www.101homebusiness.org/how-to-make-money-online/ will need a computer or laptop with internet to operate. If you would never like to expand your work beyond home we also have ideas for complete work from home jobs. We have successfully guided a lot of people like you one how to make money online with Domains and hosting. You can earn from $200 to $3500 or even $6000 if you put in your efforts and use your techniques wisely. It is now your turn to get that car and house you always wanted! For more serious people who can invest in their own business, you can learn about more in our online domain business article or seek new domain hosting and trading ideas.

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