Are website builders worth it?

Should you be using a website builder?

are website builders worth it?
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Building a website is easy but its easier said than done. There are a lot of options to boot and its quite confusing for a starter to be honest. There are hosting options, website CMS systems like wordpress and website building services (paid of course). Then there are DIY options like website builders and everyone has got a version of their own.

Recently, it’s not a matter of just Domain hosting and registration alone, then asking an IT pro to do it for money. Now you you build your website on your own, with nice little drag and drop tools. Wizards guide you through every step, so we ask: Are website builders worth it?

By the time you finish reading this, we are confident that you would’ve made your decision on If you need to use a website builder and it’s worth as per your needs.

What are Website Builders anyway?

Website builders are simple to use tools that enable a novice to build professional looking and functioning website without breaking a sweat. Ease of use, click and deploy, drag and drop, resize and move are some of the functions that these nifty little editors have. Mostly targeted at smaller website construction, they are quite effective at churning out pages.

While some website builders prove their worth by offering built in hosting, others rely on separately paid hosting to earn cash for their owners. No coding knowhow is required to operate them and pretty much anyone can use them. This makes a case for the Website builders being worth.

Advantages of Website builders.

If you want to create a simple yet functional website at a short notice, website builders are for you. If you are up for complex work, you already know what you need. If you are still reading this, you probably would need a website builder. But hasten not, for thou shall need to read more before taking a plunge!

1. Skill or no skill, you got a beautiful site up your sleeve

Chances are, with limited or no skills, you will be driven away from building websites if you do it the hard way. In such a scenario when time is short and skills are sparse, pick a decent website builder worth a few cents. Upload images, place forms, change text and colors, themes and layout with ease. Templates are pre-built to make it worth a try with most website builders. The professionally done backend ensures that hosting, web domain registration and web site page building is quite seamless and easy.

2. Start on a shoestring budged with website builders

Don’t need no bank breaking doc, all you need is some loose change and you’re good to go. But hey, some hosts offer free trial for a month. This helps you test the waters and see if building websites with a website builders is worth for you. So it’s best to experiment with a demo before you call it your cup of tea. Pre filled templates and demo data makes for a satisfying start with website builders.

3. Website building at god speed

You can literally build your site in a day if you know what you need to write and what the content should look like. This is true for 90% of people who are looking for the worth of a website builder for their limited project like a company or sales site which has half a dozen or so products to offer. It is equally good for small business in any niche and professionals like doctors and architects.

4. Standard support and backups

With many website builders you get standard technical support, extensive documentation if there is an error and periodic backups. You are quite set with technical aspects as the standard pages are well managed by your host. So if technical issues are what you fear, it’s one more good reason to go with a website builder.

Disadvantages of Website builders.

are website builders worth the performance mark
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1. Shallow hosting control

With website builders, you are quite limited on what you can do with the technology. You are like a tenant who can live but not change anything in the house. It is quite a challenge if you want to do something the website builder does not offer. Migrating your site is subject to the limitations with which the programmers at your hosting company designed it. And then you cannot change the design with another tool than the native website builder itself.

2. Hard to scale up

Don’t freak out if you cannot keep up with so many visitors and if your site goes down. yes you can upgrade to paid hosting with most hosts, from your website builder. However check with the host before taking a plunge. If you know for sure that you will need a high traffic site, you better start with a regular hosting package.

3. It’s all about performing website builders

Some hosts throttle bandwidth to the extent of making your website useless if they are made with their page makers. Others will bog them down at first signs of traffic and send you a mail to upgrade. For high traffic, best bet is high performance websites like wordpress managed or VPS/Dedicated.

4. Limited functions and tools

Online site builders limit the user and there is not much from the basic stuff you can do with your site. Advanced features and grass root control will be missing. Once you graduate to a more advanced level of being a webmaster, you will feel the need for more control and options. For feature rich sites, a site maker is of little use. You will have to work in a limited way with the pre-made system and they are not often open for change.

Are website builders worth enough for you?

Most people happily go along with website builders and yes, Website builders are worth it if you are a beginner and want to make a website fast and easy, without a lot of custom features. Most people will never feel out of place with it due to the fact that most site makers are already configured with common and sometimes some uncommon features to get you started. Even ecommerce and forum software is included in some. It may not be a grand success story in the long run, but hey, take it for a spin and see how it goes.

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