Are website domains free

Websites are both free or paid, depends on what you’re looking for

Are website domains free? well for an average newbie wanting to write his or her thoughts out to the world, they are. For those needing a serious internet presence, they are not. We try to explain each in detail with the pros and cons and which one you may want to go with.

Are website domains free?
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  1. Are website domains free for bloggers

    Yes, absolutely! Blogging platforms are aplenty and all you need is a nice name for your blog and zeal to write your heart out. Be aware though that free blogs are always ported as a subdomain to the main portal. For example, myblogname.blogprovider.com

    If you need a purely personal name like: yourname.com, then you will need to buy a website, set up hosting and go all kinds of web building stuff. With a blogging platform, its easy as signing up with your email, choosing a theme and starting to write. So answer to the question again: Are website domain free? For simple blogging, Yes!

  2. Do free website domains offer more?

    Perhaps you need youtube videos embedded in your site or you need your pins in there, maybe your behance stuff? Some blogging platforms would provide you with features that other’s will not. It’s best to compare them and go with the one you really need.

    There are specialized platforms where professionals can showcase their work or make sales if not looking for pure blogging. Like for example designers can showcase and get work for themes at themeforest.

  3. Can I make money with free domain names?

    The most sought after question, if I get a free domain am I able to earn from it? Yes you can, provided there are visitors and lots of them. You can earn via referrals under affiliate programs for your niche. You can also place ads on your free blog. Your youtube videos embedded on the site can also get ad money from google ad sense if your videos have good enough view count.

    Monetizing your blog requires time and patience. It’s not overnight that you will start making money. Domain registration and hosting is just the start but an essential first step in a long journey to make yourself some passive income.

  4. Do I own the free domains forever?

    Yes and no. Till the time the blog platform is alive, you are good. But in most cases your blog dies if the platform owners decide to quit. It does not happen often but if you are serious about your blog, its better to upgrade to paid domain and hosting. You can do this at your leisure once you have established your user base and niche. Almost all blogging platforms offer upgrades or server redirects at the least.

  5. Does upgrading my free website domain affect my traffic?

    If done properly, upgrading to a paid domain and setting up proper redirects will never affect your traffic or search engine rankings. Host your site on a fast server because a slow server will instantly hit your traffic if you have a lot of users. Blogging platforms usually have very fast servers and CDNs to cater to a lot of visitors, switching to a shared hosting platform when you have thousands of users each day will surely hit your traffic and ranking in search engines.

  6. Is it too hard to go with paid hosting and domain in the first place?

    Not really, hosts make it very easy today to set up and account and get CMS systems like WordPress installed to get you started very easily. You can today just pick a WordPress site to start with, choose your plan and start blogging after choosing a theme. Hosts like godaddy even have a walk through assistant to help newbies get started without much confusion. They even take daily backups with most of their plans. Other hosts offer similar or better service depending upon your budget and what you pick.

  7. Should I start with free or paid hosting and domain?

    Choose what you are comfortable with. For casual blogging, paid domain with paid hosting is both a hassle and quite inconvenient. For serious web presence, like your business website, it’s a must. Do more research, search for a good domain name and settle down with paid if you sell stone and tiles and need a business website for example. what’s most important is that you be serious with content creation and not just starting out all excited. Consistency is the key to success here. Don’t let it go the “well begun is half done” way. Good luck and god speed!

Strengths of free website and hosting:

  • Ease of use
  • Ready to deploy
  • Short turn around
  • Save money on website hosting and domain registration
  • Fast servers

Strengths of paid website and hosting:

  • Ownership and control of domain and hosting
  • Faster servers can be hired
  • Better branding and first impressions on visitors
  • More control of functions and functionalities on the site
  • Access to demographic data and deployment of special tools and plugins
  • Snappier domain names, vanity value

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