Why do you need a domain name

Why do I need a domain name? We answer that question for businesses and individuals on this page.

While many businesses today have come online with a new domain registration and website hosting, some businesses and individuals still have the question “I need a domain name?”..really?. Simply put, a Domain with a hosted website not only gives you online presence which most of your clients expect, but increases your credibility and provides at least basic functionality of information and query handling for your clients. For individuals out to make their own cash, there are more reasons, read on.

Reasons why you need a domain name, need for business and individuals to have a website

  1. For online presence

    Perhaps the most important aspect is for your business to have an online presence. A domain purchase with hosting is a first step for online oriented business but even for a traditional business, people have started to check for name availability online before choosing their business name. This gives you a clear idea why you absolutely need a domain name for your business. Without a Domain name, there is always something missing and it looks good on your visiting card too.

  2. Domain name branding

    Today, a domain name and well designed and hosted website can be a face of your company, especially when businesses rely more and more on online portals for presenting their product and services first. Many business today see their clients close their transactions online without having to visit their offices ever. In this age, A formal Domain name and hosted website are an essential purchase for any business, no matter how traditional it may be.

    A note on Domains that are never hosted, I have seen owners going with a website, never hosting it and still having a yahoo or gmail email address. This is really sad, pick your website name, register your domain, do not forget to make at least a simple informational website along with a good email address to your domain in toe. This is the least justice you could do to your brand.

  3. Product & service info

    Clients need to have some basic information about your product and services. A domain name with hosted website is quite important in ensuring that they get the info without having to hunt too much or without having to call a number. This way it makes it clear for them and convenient for you to know what you deal in and what you can offer.

  4. Save client acquisition costs

    Spending on each client thorough advertising and traditional methods (even website ads) without a website is a joke today. You need to have a domain and an informative website to deal with a good client experience. Doing so also gets you natural search engine traffic and hence more customers. This reduces customer acquisition costs and helps increase profitability.

    Hence a domain name is not only important but essential. You can today host your website with ease, thanks to CMS systems and easy website builders. So there is no point delaying the decision.

  5. Save office expenses

    People visiting your office for simple information a website can give them, having extra staff to do the query handling, catering to office expenses as a result of client entertainment? Just get a nice website registered and get over the headache to quite an extent. Also, customers love to view your trade details online before walking in. So get your site registered to get this low hanging fruit.

  6. Competition edge

    Before most clients leave their comfort to find you, they are likely to pick their computers or phones and search! If you are not missing, you loose the business to a competitor.Would you want your clients to find our competitor and not you? Another reason to register your domain and purchase hosting and start building your website today.

    A word on credibility, with one party not having a website and other showing up on search engines with a great website, official email, hours of operation and contact information, it’s an easy guess which one commands more trust.

  7. Exclusive functionality

    One can have people fill up forms, run competition, offers, online sales and everything you can imagine on a website. This automated functionality is unparalleled in the traditional way. Only a website purchased with a hosting, setup with the right plugins/apps can get you the wonder tools to engage with your target audience in an unprecedented way.

  8. Protect your brand

    If you do not buy your domain name, someone else will register it, just a matter of time. If your competitor registers or purchases your domain name before you, they could use to to confuse your clients and drive business away towards their own brand. This is called brand squatting. You better get your domain name registered before your next door neighbor buys the domain name.

    Copyrights today are best protected by getting the domain name first. You could then take your time to buy website hosting and get started with your online presence.

  9. Credibility

    Goes without saying that a domain name and website give any establishment more credibility than others. An organization without a domain name is like a headless chicken in today’s world of e-commerce and apps. A missing website and email address with custom website today gives a poor impression on one’s biz card or front billboard.

    It has been found that advertisements in other media than the internet are more effective and look more credible only when the advertiser has a website and matching domain name to follow up with the campaign efforts. This also ensures that the ad responses are funneled more effectively, apart from being an essential medium to shore up resulting business.

  10. Brand Awareness

    Brands command a lot of value for many products and services around us. People trust and give more business to brands due to assurance that their business is in good hands. A brand without a website and domain is going to be in a very tricky situation considering how expectations from respectable brands go nowadays.

    It’s an understatement to say that a business website with an assuring domain name goes a long way in getting you your brand awareness rooted in the desired marketplace.

  11. Search engine positioning

    Make money by getting more website visitors, a good domain name and well made website on fast hosted servers will get you more visitors. If your website is a hit, you can place ads or affiliate links and start making money without having a real offline business. This is the way bloggers and content creators make money. To make money online, a good domain name with nice recall value is essential. Register your domain, purchase your hosting and get started to explore this promising area of work for amazing flexibility of work hours and a good potential for making money.

  12. Increase customer base

    Any new website visitor is a prospect for you. This is only possible if search engines display your product/service to people out there. Which in turn is possible if you have a website, so a domain and website hosting is essential for any business wanting to increase their customer base and build a larger trade.

    I honestly feel that you should now stop asking “do I need a domain name?” but start hunting for a suitable one for yourself. And do not forget to get it hosted and get decent pages written up for your website. Once you do that, you will discover how it has helped you gain and how you could not imagine not doing it sooner. So go on and get one now. If you want you can click this link for best possible discounts on domain names today!

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