Why Website is Important for Small Businesses

Reasons Why a Website is Important for Every Small Business

Why Website is important for small businesses?  Even though not everyone rushes to the internet and half of all Small business owners never care for one, a website is all the more important. From dialing up a local florists GPS location to finding hours of operation for a car wash, a website is quite conducive in getting more customers at the door. We explain why Website is important for small businesses and what you would miss if you don’t have one. Your small business needs to acquire it’s rightful place on the internet ASAP for all practical purposes.


why website is important for small business
© Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com: It’s utmost important that you get a website for your small business if you have not already
    1. Why a website is important for small businesses? Ask those who got one!

      Perhaps one of the best ways to verify why website is important for small business is to ask existing colleagues, friends and business owners about their experience. If they are honest, you will come to know that they get more queries, customers and emails about their products than walk-ins. Who has today, got the time to walk in when you can click and find all about the product or service you need.

      Customers also tend to book and order online than having to walk in or even call. There are always those who would walk in but those kind of people are on the decline. Now we have the click and get generation. It goes without saying that they need a site to click on! If you are not there, they more to someone who does, even if they do half the job you are capable of.

    2. Another marketing channel to tap through a business website

      Your business website introduces people to your products and services and another way for people to find you besides the traditional “dial from the book” or “ask in the neighborhood” methods. If you ain’t got a web address, you aren’t there for them, especially for the new generation customer.

      Almost everyone uses the Internet to get information, yes even local information. Infact more and more people use it for local searches. I myself look for things online before driving down, I even remember myself wishing there was a spotlight or Control+F i could use to find a shop in a crowded billboard market space. Imagine the amount of tech that’s gone to our heads already!

    3. Internet has replaced the phone book

      So the question remains, do you have a phone book. No, I din’t think so! Or maybe you do, but when was the last time you used it? Ahhh, to find aunt martha’s number? But then she did not have a website!

      Most households and every Office has done away with their phone books. yellow pages (in print) have disappeared like horns from a donkey’s head. So if Internet has replaced the phone book, then where is your website. With a website we mean a domain and hosted website ofcourse.

    4. A business website raises your reputation

      Perhaps one of the leading reasons why business owners get a website running is because they consider it an addition to their reputation. Reputed businesses should have a well named domain, hosted on a server, ready to present products and services for a potential client. If possible it should have booking or purchasing option to end the transaction then and there.

    5. Your business website let’s you say your story, your way

      Put words and pictures, paint your story, present yourself to the world. Say it how you want people to hear. Your business domain and hosted website let’s you say it your way. In a market, there are whispers about your goodwill and reputation. Your website let’s you put your business narration to your potential clients and the general public. Do not miss this opportunity to put your message across.

    6. The competition has one

      People often compare on vendor to another, having a website puts you one up above others. Also remember to complete the package with a professional email on your own domain. Not having a business website raises questions in customers eyes. They view you are a shoestring startup, technological ancient or just carelessly unprofessional.

      To not have a business website is to give your clients away to competetion, now who does that? Not you, right?

    7. You appear on web for new customers

      Web opens up options for customers new to you or the area to find you with ease. Without this simple ability, it gets easy to connect with customers and present your products even before you say them a hello! You have already broken the ice with your website and your customers are now in the mood to make a purchase.

      Priming your leads is important, Your Small business website does it for you without any additional overhead to staff, courtesy, objection handling and a time consuming product demonstration in many cases. Imagine the savings on those? A Primed customer is more likely to walk into your business, already with a purchase in mind.

    8. You’re open for business 24X7X365

      Small business websites don’t close shutters after 9 PM. Your website is open for business, even transactions (if feature available) for clients at any hour. It’s very convenient, easy and effecting. Today people want things instantly at a click. Someone booking a flower delivery before going to sleep for their wife’s birthday next morning wants to get it over with then and there. You have a business website with shopping cart? you got that man’s order. Your competition has and and you don’t? You lost that client for good.

    9. A showcase for your product or service

      Presenting your products is not as easy as you might think. Why? you may forget to mention a feature or the customer may lead the question away. Worse enough, your employee may not be interested in presenting the product or service with the attention it deserves.

      A Business website is important for small businesses for this very reason. Your product is always presented in the same, nicely done, illustrated and well documented way as it deserves. The prospect visitor can take all the time to view, understand the features and make up his/her mind for a purchase easily.

    10. Increasing eCommerce spending in the market, demands a business website

      Because eCommerce spending is increasing year on year, Your small business needs a website to cope up with the expectation from potential clients. If it is pancakes you deliver, they want to be able to order it online and have it delivered soon. I personally order food over the internet and avoid cash on delivery to avoid loose change problem. For various reasons within the purview of eCommerce, your question “Why Website is Important for Small Businesses” has another big answer.

    11. Ease of deployment with low cost

      The last reason to pin the question “Why Website is Important for Small Businesses” is cost. Today, booking a domain name and hosting it on a server or choosing a website builder is quite cheap, a couple of bucks a year can get you a small business website today. There is no reason for saying no to a website for starting a new business or setup for an existing one. Website builders are easy to use, just like microsoft word. Even wordpress is quite easy once you get a hang of it.

The verdict is out, you need a business website. For reasons mentioned above and for numerous other benefits not written here. Best thing is that there is nothing against having a website really. If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you with a little charge. Contact us and have your website ready in a day or two. remember to have content ready. Your product or service description, contact details, map location, about your company text and other details you want your prospects to see. So good luck and god speed!

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