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Why WordPress Hosting is Recommended over Regular Web Hosting after all?

Why wordpress managed hosting is recommended
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If you already run a WordPress site, you know that it need all the security, speed and traffic handling that it deserves. Why WordPress Hosting? Simply because you get the daily irritants under control as there is always someone at your hosting center to manage them. Besides the peace of mind, you get performance optimized, specifically tuned servers which balance the loads pretty well. Built in caching, daily backups and site scanning is usually also built in. There are pitfalls as well, which we talk about later. First, let’s see Why WordPress Managed Hosting is better:


  1. Managed WordPress Hosting is fast

    Speed is of prime importance and slow sites suffer not just because that search engines penalize their rankings but because the users are driven away. Lazy sites are a bad experience for visitors and no body wants to sit on a site that’s still loading. Fast and peppy sites are a breeze to work with and provide a great user experience.

    WordPress managed hosting is way faster than shared hosting or a non-optimized VPS. The best part is that the dreaded server response time is usually quite acceptable in most cases. The inbuilt WordPress Caching does away with caching plugin headaches and usually comes with cache flush options. Pages are loaded through CDN servers where this feature is included by host, this makes your WordPress website load pretty fast.

  2. Managed WordPress sites are more secure

    When your WordPress site starts to grow, you will know the answer to the questions “Why WordPress Hosting?”. Robots crawl the web, look for sites to break into and try to steal information or bring you down. Their sneak techniques are mostly based on obsolete themes and plugins, old and non updated code. This is taken care of by up to date managed WordPress hosting. We usually get hundreds of attacks at Domain Hosting Wiki every day! Managed WordPress sites are stress free as the host provides site protection, malware scanning, daily backups and other security features depending upon how much you pay them. Some hosts will even fix your site for free, others will do it at a fee. They also automatically update your site to the latest version of WordPress whenever a new version is released, ensuring you’re always up to date and secure.

  3. Scalability

    You worked away nights and days and now comes the time when your WordPress site is taking off with flying colors. Thousands are flocking each day to your website now but what about the hosting. Will the server handle the load of will it bulk. PHP threads and workers are limited in shared as well as VPS hosting. With flash loads, any WordPress site will go down for the next visitors in line. Why managed WordPress sites are better is simply because they can handle these flash loads due to well distributed resources. Even if there are a 1000 visitors per day and if they come at a specific hours, a WordPress manage site does way better than shared or VPS.

    Managed WordPress hosts can scale your site’s traffic automatically to serve thousands to tens of thousands of simultaneous visitors. You’ll probably never see the “Error Establishing a Database Connection” message that you will most definitely get with regular hosting.

  4. Increased uptime

    Since your Managed WordPress website will be sharing resources with only a few websites, and sometimes none, your site is able to use a greater portion of the server resources. The scalable resources also mean it will hardly ever go down. This increases up-time, user experience, search engine ranking and your page impressions.

  5. Help and support

    Support Staff that run managed WordPress hosting servers are usually WordPress experts. What better support experience can one expect than people who know what they are doing and that they do it day in and day out. Experienced WordPress staff means you get most problems fixed even before you made a call. Proactive support would patch, update, fix and maintain issues as they come up. Vulnerabilities are fixed while you sleep, leaving you to worry about your ad earnings.

  6. Focus on content, not managing your server

    This should be the last nail in the coffin to “Why WordPress Hosting” or better still “Why WordPress Managed Hosting?” Question, had there been no disadvantages (yes there are a few but not something that cannot be worked with)

    So you started your site to put across content for visitors, information for customers, news for your collage, a place for your apps etc…. etc…. BUT!  If you end up worrying about your hosting and domain’s technical issues, backup routines, plugin updates, WordPress updates, security issues, then where will that idea for great content come from? Where will you find the time to create it? There! You now know why you absolutely need WordPress Managed Hosting if you go the WordPress route!

So without wasting much time, let me tell you the story is not all rosy and clear. There are issues, with managed WordPress hosting. Some notable issues are:

  • Not all plugins are supported by all hosts
  • You have no control over caching
  • Google image redirection plugins cannot work (due to caching plugin, super bad for image and photo sites)
  • No server level access, so no nerdy tweaks! (sorry fellows)
  • Harder to migrate in some cases, to another host
  • A little more expensive than regular hosting in some cases

Would you prefer regular or wordpress hosting? Do leave your comments, they matter a lot to everyone of us here!

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